A car that is used regularly or periodically need only fewer time to clean when it is periodically maintained. A owner must invest some time to maintain it everytime when the car is used. If you seem to not have time to do it by yourself, there are a lot of service stations out there which can help you get your car ready just for few bucks. If it is a new car, then you can make use of free services too. Looking out for ways to make your car look more attractive? Checkout Car wax available for reasonable prices which can make your car look much greater than ever.

Here you can find some nice ways to greatly maintain your car that is not in use for a long time. They are as follows,

  • First of all inflate all the tyres if you plan to keep it idle for over a month or two at the same place without moving. It is because when the car is idle, some kind of pressure builds up which can decrease the air inside the tyres. So, inflate the tyres to the recommended level so that the tyres will not get any damages when the car is suddenly put to use after a longtime.

How to properly maintain a car when it is not in use?

  • There are a lot of fluids that the certain parts of the car needs. Fluids are generally needed for wiper, engine coolant, steering, brake and some others. If you are planning to leave the car idle for months, fill up all these parts with their appropriate fluids to keep it in a good condition. It is also much important to fill up the fuel tank before leaving to idle condition along with a stabilizer.
  • Before covering up the car to make it idle, clean it thoroughly by yourself or leave it in a service station for both water wash and cleaning. After it is over, a coat of wax can make your car resistant to the deposition of rust or other debris around the car. Don’t know where to buy a good wax? Checkout Car waxto use it on your car. After a proper coat of waxing is done, cover up the car properly with the car cover leaving no space around. Because a small space can be the entry point for rodents, mouse and other small animals which co damage your car.